Dignified ways of working with men to solve domestic violence (Session V)

15 Nov 2019
10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Dignified ways of working with men to solve domestic violence (Session V)

Using the premise of Social Work processes to preserve the dignity of our clients, all our therapeutic techniques in working with men should honour their capacities and strengths. In this workshop skills will be taught on how to work with men within a domestic violence context. Using a diverse group of mentors and 25 years of experience facilitating men’s domestic violence groups the presentation will bring together this knowledge to be used as a platform for therapy.

The welcoming is our first chance to make an impression, using the influence of Alan Jenkins in creating “irresistible invitations” to change. Skills will be demonstrated for the beginning of therapy including: the yes set, validation of experience, keep it simple, keep it positive, get skin in the game, how to sell.

Engaging men to discuss their experience of perpetrating violence but being able to leave the room with dignity. Techniques used: praise the bad disclosure, empathy, detoxify shame, respectful interruption of blaming , placebo, sell, always end positive.

To dignify men they need to know that they were not born abusive but need to take radical responsibility for their behaviour. Men require education of gender beliefs, and what could be happening with their brain. We all need to understand that most men perpetrating violence have experienced trauma. Research supports that men perpetrating domestic violence are not experiencing healthy blood flow to the frontal lobes. Dr. Steven Stonsy’s work addresses this with his core value work. techniques taught are: every human can be a hero, compassion is beautiful, you forgot to take care of yourself, medicine wheel please choose your poison, always focus on positive. After the session the attendee should have a foundation and real skills of how to engage with men to solve domestic violence.

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