Modern Manhood Talks Masculinity, Violence, and Community (Live!) (Session M)

14 Nov 2019
2:45 pm - 4:15 pm

Modern Manhood Talks Masculinity, Violence, and Community (Live!) (Session M)

The show of Modern Manhood has included many guests from around the world, trying to show the many complex ways in which we perform masculinity. Through these conversations my goal was not only to highlight these people of all different type of genders, but to link societal issues with the role traditional western masculinity plays. Violence is one of the many ways in with traditional masculinity hurts the community,

the way we normalize it, excuse it, and defend it. Through this exploration of traditional masculinity, I have also emphasized the need for healthy communities, and this is a passion for me. Not only to take the role of talking about positive masculinity, but broadcasting it in a way to build community.

Podcasting is a wonderful to broadcast your message through a very narrative audio structure, so my aim for this session is to highlight how some masculinities build communities, and how other masculinities create toxic forms of community which include violence as a part of it.

We’ll be talking about the spectrum of toxic community of men, but also focus on how to build healthy communities where violence is not only non-existent, but where it’s seen as a nemesis to the community. And we’ll be doing it LIVE through the structure of a typical show of Modern Manhood with a variety of guest as we explore how masculinity shapes communities which shapes violence.

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