Brendan Klug

Brendan Klug


Brendan Klug is a Healthy Ageing Social Worker at the Edmonton Southside Primary Care Network. He works primarily with seniors, to assist them with their Advanced Care Planning documents, as well as retirement planning and housing options.

He believes that the work he does is a vital part of Elder Abuse prevention and has dedicated many years to ensuring that the services he offers are of top notch quality and available to as many Albertans as possible.

Brendan has been a member of the Elder Abuse Consultation Team in Edmonton for the past 12 years and was a founding member of the Elder Abuse Consultation Team in Toronto where he served as a team member for 4 years.

He has been a Designated Capacity Assessor since 2010 and in 2014 was recognized by a Court of Queen’s Bench Judge for the stellar work he had done with Capacity Assessment reports for applications for Guardianship and Trusteeship.

He holds a Masters Level degree in Social Work from the University of Toronto with a specialty in Ageing and the Lifecourse.

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